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Moscow, Russia

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To develop new approaches combining visualization, diagnostics, and therapy (theranostics) using the synergy of last achievements of photonics, acoustics and material science for biomedical applications, and to bridge a gap between biophotonic research and clinical applications together with academic and industrial partners

Technologies under development:

Special fiber (photon crystal fibers, microstructured waveguides), photonic integrated circuits (PIC), optoacoustics, THz, quantum sensors, acoustics (focused ultrasound, sonoluminescence, tweezers), nanostructured materials (contrast agent, sensors, drug delivery carriers), microfluidics, surface modification – synergy in combination

Applications (Market):

Theranostics including imaging & sensing and light-, photodynamic-,sonodynamic therapy, surgical & diagnostic endoscopy, point-of-care diagnostics and health tracker (including data processing with artificial intelligence), robotic surgery​


  • visualization of pathology tissue and interface of normal/pathological tissues diagnostics using of modern photonics (optical fibers, PIC, optoacoustics (OA), THz, quantum sensors), acoustics, and materials science (microfluidics, surface modification, multimodal contrast agents based on nanostructured particles (US-, OA-, Fluorescent and Magnetic Resonance Imaging));

  • R&D of devices combining photonic tools (optical fibers, PIC, optoacoustics, THz) for detection of biologically important markers and drug delivery targeted systems with remote controlled by acoustic and electromagnetic fields;

  • R&D of new methods and devices for diagnostics of pathology state and transient processes from normal state to pathology and its correction on cell, tissue, and body levels (exosome detection, circulation tumor cell detection, oxygenation monitoring, etc.) using modern photonics (optical fibers, PIC, optoacoustics, THz, quantum sensors) and acoustics (focused ultrasound (US), sonoluminescence).

Spin-off company "TetraQuant"

TetraQuant is a Skolkovo startup company founded in 2019 by scientists and engineers from BioPhotonics Group, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology with interdisciplinary background to produce tools and equipment that they have relied on routinely and now aim to help other s cientists to make their laboratory tasks easier and with great reproducibility of results.

Opportunities for students

  • Long Term Academic Mobility: Skoltech offers Academic Mobility program, which allows students to spend up to 4 months in an international institution to conduct MSc Thesis research. A lot of students in our lab participated in this program and successfully conducted their research in top-rated universities in Europe and the USA. This resulted in multiple collaborative projects and publications.
  • Short Term Academic Mobility: Skoltech encourages students to attend Russian and International conferences and present their results. All of the expences can be reimbursed!
  • Infrostructure: students have access to modern equipment.
  • The Team: work in a friendly environment with a great multisidisciplinary team!


Master's thesis defence


Liza Maksimova has successfully defended her Master's thesis entitled "Contrast agents based on microbubbles stabilized by albumin and decorated with nanoparticles and organic dyes for multimodal imaging"

Laboratory Seminar


Weekly laboratory seminar was organized. Our second year PhD student Sergei Perkov talked about his previous work and recent findings in his research.

Laboratory Seminar


Regular laboratory seminar was organized. Our new PhD student Aleksei Kuzin and MEPhI Bachelor student Sofia Samokhvalova, who has recently joined our group, talked about their scientific background and research plans in the laboratory.


Fellow Workers

Dmitry Gorin
Head of Lab, Professor
Alexey Yashchenok
Leading Research Scientist, DSc
Sergei German
Research Scientist, PhD
Institute of Spectroscopy RAS
Marina Novoselova
Research Scientist, PhD
Maxim Kurochkin
Research Scientist, PhD
Polina Rudakovskaya
Research Scientist, PhD
Anatolii Abalymov
Research Scientist, PhD

PhD Students

Maksim Mokrousov
PhD-3 student
Anastasiia Merdalimova
PhD-3 student
Julijana Cvjetinovic
PhD-3 student
Sergei Perkov
PhD-2 student
Stas Perevoschikov
PhD-2 student
Igor Sergeev
PhD-1 student
Alexey Kuzin
PhD-1 student

Master Students

Viktor Vorobev
MSc-2 student
Olga Griaznova
MSc-2 student
Nikita Grishaev
MSc-2 student
Krupamay Panda
MSc-2 student


Maria Blindman
Specialist-5 student, Sechenov University
Tatiana Estifeeva
Pavel Kuzmin
BSc-3 student,
Mendeleev University
Oleg Maslov
BSc-3 student,
Mendeleev University
Daria Terentieva
BSc-4 student,
Mendeleev University



Recently published articles:

  1. A.Kuzin, V. Chernyshev, V. Kovalyuk, P. An, A.Golikov, R. Ozhegov, D. Gorin, N. Gippius, G. Goltsman, Hybrid nanophotonic–microfluidic sensor for highly sensitive liquid and gas analyses, Optics Letters, 2022, 47, 9, 2358-2361, (IF=3.766, Q1),

  2. V.S. Chernyshev, R.N. Chuprov-Netochin, E. Tsydenzhapova, B. Van Devener, S.Leonov, D. Gorin, M. Skliar, Dynamic surface tension probe for measuring the concentration of extracellular vesicles. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 609, 189-194, (IF=3.575, Q1), ://

  3. Julijana Cvjetinovic, Anastasiia A. Merdalimova, Maria A. Kirsanova, Pavel A. Somov, Daniil V. Nozdriukhin, Alexey I. Salimon, Alexander M. Korsunsky and Dmitry A. Gorin, A SERS platform based on diatomite modified by gold nanoparticles using a combination of layer-by-layer assembly and a freezing-induced loading method. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2022,24, 8901-8912

  4. E.S. Vavaev, M. Novoselova, N.M. Shchelkunov, S. German, A.S. Komlev, M. D. Mokrousov, I. V. Zelepukin, A. M. Burov, B. N. Khlebtsov, E. V. Lyubin, S. Deyev, A. A. Fedyanin, D.A. Gorin, CaCO3 Nanoparticles Coated with Alternating Layers of Poly-L-Arginine Hydrochloride and Fe3O4 Nanoparticles as Navigable Drug Carriers and Hyperthermia Agent, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2022 5 (2), 2994-3006, DOI: 10.1021/acsanm.2c00338, (IF=5.097, Q2)

  5. M. Slyusarenko, S. Shalaev, A. Valitova, L. Zabegina, N. Nikiforova, I. Nazarova, P. Rudakovskaya, M. Vorobiev, A. Lezov, L. Filatova, N. Yevlampieva, D. Gorin, P. Krzhivitsky, A. Malek, AuNP Aptasensor for Hodgkin Lymphoma Monitoring, Biosensors, 2022, 12, 23. (IF=5.519, Q1)

  6. A.A. Merdalimova, P.G. Rudakovskaya, T.I. Ermatov, A.S. Smirnov, S.S. Kosolobov, J.S.Skibina, P.A. Demina, B.N. Khlebtsov, A.M. Yashchenok, D.A. Gorin, SERS Platform Based on Hollow-Core Microstructured Optical Fiber: Technology of UV-Mediated Gold Nanoparticle Growth. Biosensors, 2022, 12, 19.


  1. Optical methods for monitoring the growth of the diatom algae and their activity in the carbon dioxide capturing
    Project Team: Dmitry Gorin, Alexander Korsunsky, Yekaterina Bedoshvili, Nickolai Davidovich, Sergey German, Julijana Cvjetinovic, Sergei Perkov, Yulia Zakharova, Elvira Bairamova

  2. Noninvasive optical sensing for personalized treatment of hemangioma
    Project Team: Dmitry Gorin, Sergei Pekov, Viktor Vorobev, Sergey German, Sergey Gorodkov

  3. New functional agents of hybrid imaging based on amphiphilic polymers for the tasks of reproductive medicine
    Project Team: Polina Rudakovskaya, Roman Barmin, Liza Maksimova, Roman Chuprov-Netochin

  4. Comprehensive physical-chemical method for localizing of therapeutic agents within the target lymph node using magnetic control systems and submicron carriers
    Project Team: Maxim Kurochkin

  5. Development of multimodal contrast agents for diagnostics of sentinel lymph nodes
    Project Team: Novoselova M.N., German S.V., Kurochkin M.A., Efimova O. and others.

  6. Investigation of the effect of membrane macromolecules of extracellular nanovesicles on their surface activity and adsorption to interfaces
    Project Team: Vasiliy Chernyshev

  7. Photoacoustic technologies for early theranostics of metastatic tumors
    Project Team: Dmitry Gorin, A.Yashchenok, M. Novoselova, S. German, M. Mokrousov, D.Nozdriukhin


Laser Analyzer Zetasizer Nano ZS
Flow Cytometry System CytoFLEX B5-R3-V5
Operetta High Content Imaging System
IVIS Spectrum CT In Vivo Imaging System
Optoacoustic microscopy RSOM Explorer P50


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Rooms 120, 103.1, 044
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology,
Skolkovo Innovation Center, Nobel st, Building 3,
Moscow 121205,

How to find us?

On a subway train: reach "Skolkovo" station of Moscow Central Diameter D1, then take bus Sk1 to "Tatneft".
On a bus: from "Slavyanskiy bulvar" subway station take Sk express (bus), then change at "Technopark" station to minibus №3 or minibus №5.

Head of Lab

Prof. Dmitry Gorin

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Sergei Perkov