Dmitrii Tsiurko

PhD-1 Student



Orenburg State University, Russia:
(2022) Biochemical physics, M.Sc.

Orenburg State University, Russia:
(2020) Condensed matter physics, B.Sc

Skills and achievements:

2018 - 2020: Laboratory Assistant, Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies, Orenburg State University

(2016 - 2022) Helped in organization of extracurricular science engaging activities for pupils aged 12-16 on the Orenburg State University base.
(2022) Assisted in organization and coordination of conferences, arranging activities, assisting speakers in Orenburg State University.
(2022) 2nd place in the scientific and social event "Tournament of three sciences", Saransk, Russian Federation, organized with the support of a grant from Orenburg State University.


  • (2019) 1st place, diploma for the best scientific work presented at the XLI student scientific conference, Orenburg State University.
  • (2020) 2nd place, presentation entitled “Generation and propagation of acoustic waves in condensed matter” has been recognized as excellent. The 17th Nano Bio Info Chemistry Symposium and the 10th Japanese-Russian Seminar.
  • (2022) 1st place, diploma of the XLIV International student scientific conference for the relevance and novelty of the topic, the scientific and practical significance of the research and the originality of the methods of solving the presented problem.