Current projects

  1. The development of a device for hematomas and inflammations phototherapy

    Funding: Russian Fund for Innovation Support, (2021 - 2023, 200000 RUB - 2021)
    PI – Sergei Perkov,

  2. The development of multifunctional particles for targeted stimuli-responsive therapy and diagnostics of prostate cancer

    Funding: RFBR, Project № 18-29-08046, (2018 - 2020, 5M RUB - 2019)
    PI – Dmitry Gorin,
    Project team: Sergeeva О.V., Novoselova M.V., Abakumova T.A., German S.V., Perevozchnokov S.V, Voronin D.V, Kozlova A.A., Nesterchuk M.V.

  3. Bioactive ultrasound-driven microbubbles for theranostics

    Funding: RFBR,  19-53-80047 БРИКC (2019 - 2020, 5M RUB per year)
    PI – Dmitry Gorin,
    Project team: Tolstoi V.P., Yashchenok A.M., Chernyshov V.S., German S.V., Novoselova M.V., Sindeeva O.A., Rudakovskaya P.G., Gusljkova O.I, Vladimirova N.I.

  4. Microstructured optical waveguides for the concentrations and refractive index measurements of the proteins

    Funding: RFBR, Project 19-32-90249 (01.10.2019 - 30.09.2021, 1.2M RUB per 2 years)
    PI - Timur Ermatov

  5. Comprehensive physical-chemical method for localizing of therapeutic agents within the target lymph node using magnetic control systems and submicron carriers

    Funding: RFBR, Project 19-32-60058 (01.11.2019 - 31.10.2022, 3M RUB per year)
    PI - Maxim Kurochkin

  6. Development of multimodal contrast agents for the diagnostics of sentinel lymph nodes

    Funding: RSF Foundation (2020 - 2023, 5M RUB per year)
    PI - Marina Novoselova,
    Project team: German S.V., Kurochkin M.A., Efimova O., Abalymov A., Kopnin P.B., Novikova M.V., Vorontsov D.A.
    Academic partners: N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center; Nizhny Novgorod Regional Clinical Oncology Center

  7. Investigation of the effect of membrane macromolecules of extracellular nanovesicles on their surface activity and adsorption to interfaces

    Funding: RSF Foundation, (2020 - 2022, 1.5M RUB per year)
    PI - Vasiliy Chernyshev

  8. A new approach for the treatment of viral infections of the respiratory tract, including SARS-CoV-2, based on targeted delivery of vaterite particles with encapsulated ribonuclease

    Funding: RFBR,  20-04-60150 (2020 - 2022, 6M RUB per year)
    PI – Alexey Yashchenok,
    Project team: Abakumova T.O., Rudakovskaya P.G., Konovalova E.V., Schulga A.A., Guslyakova O.I.
    Academic partners: Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

  9. Photoacoustic technologies for early theranostics of metastatic tumors

    Funding: Contract with Saratov State University (the group led by Prof. V.P. Zharov) in the frame of a program sponsored by the Government of the Russian Federation in Saratov State University, (2019 - . . ., 1M RUB per year)
    PI – Dmitry Gorin,
    Project team: A.Yashchenok, M. Novoselova, S. German, M. Mokrousov, D.Nozdriukhin

Past projects

  1. Carrier cocktails for targeted delivery and release of biologically active substances at certain period of time

    Funding: RSF Foundation (2018 - 2019, 1.5M RUB - 2019)
    PI – Marina Novoselova,
    Academic partners: Life Science (Skoltech)

  2. An Interface of Physics and Life Sciences for Cancer Diagnostics

    Funding: Internal Skoltech Project (STRIP) (2018 - 2019, 5,428,816 RUB for two years)
    PI – Dmitry Gorin, Respinsible Researcher - Alexey Yashchenok
    Project Team: V. Chernyshev, P. Rudakovskaya, A. Malek, S. German, A. Merdalimova D.Nozdriukhin.

  3. Development of Sensor for meat spoilage recognition

    Funding: Samsung R&D Institute Rus, LLC (2019, 5.685M RUB)
    PI – Dmitry Gorin,
    Project Team: A.Yashchenok, P.Rudakovskaya, V. Chernishov, T. Ermatov, S. German, U.Bondareva, V. Shapovalov,  B. Khlebtsov  V. Belotelov, P. Kapralov, D. Ignatyeva, A.Voronov, G.Knyazev, S.Dagesyan