NGP Project


Noninvasive optical sensing for personalized treatment of hemangioma

D. Gorin, S. Perkov, V. Vorobev, S. German, S. Gorodkov

In terms of Skoltech NGP Program, Biophotonics Laboratory developed a prototype of the device for hemangioma assessment and prediction. The main goal of this project is to provide medical doctors with a tool that could differentiate skin malformations, quantitatively assess hemangioma, and based on measured parameters make a prediction on the development of hemangioma. Such a tool will help medical doctors to avoid unnecessary treatment on the one hand and prescribe treatment when it is needed on the other hand. The device allows to make hyperspectral images of the skin with malformation, and process those images using custom made software. Currently the device undergoes clinical testing in Saratov clinics in terms of ethical committee of Saratov State Medical University decision, protocol No. 01 from 06.09.2022. The device has been already used to analyze more than 60 patients.

The decision of the ethical committee can be accessed via the following link.