Dmitry Gorin

Head of Lab, Professor



Saratov State University, Russia:
(2010) Physical Chemistry, D.Sc.
(2000) Physical Chemistry, Ph.D.
(1997) Physics, Specialist

Skills and achievements:

Research Interests:
Biophysics, Biophotonics, Theranostics, Physics and Chemistry of Colloids and Interfaces, Smart Materials

08.2017 – present: Professor at the Skoltech center of Photonics & Quantum Materials (CPQM) at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Moscow, Russia) (full-time employment since 8.2017)
06.2012 – 08.2017: Deputy Director of Institute of Nanostructures and Biosystems at Saratov State University, Head of Nanotechnology Department
07.2011 – 10.2018: Professor at Department of Nano- and Biomedical Technologies (part-time employment since 8.2017-10.2018)
01.2009 – 08.2010: PostDoc fellow in the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Golm, Germany, Max Plank Society fellowship, group under Prof. Dr. H. Moehwald supervision).
09.2008 – 08.2017: Head of Joint Research Center of Technologies and Measurement of Nanostructures (Saratov State University Department of Nano- and Biomedical Technologies Queen Mary & Westfield College University of London School of Engineering and Material Sciences)
10.2005 – 01.2009 & 09.2010- 09.2012: Depute of Dean for Scientific Work of Nano- and Biomedical Technologies Department at Saratov State University
10.2005 – 06.2011: Associate Professor (Docent), Nano- and Biomedical technologies department at Saratov State University
04.2002 – 09.2005: Senior Lecturer, Physical Department at Saratov State University
01.2001 – 03.2002: Assistant Professor, Physical Department at Saratov State University

Dmitry Gorin is author and co-author of 295 scientific publications including 171 articles in peer-reviewed journals (Q1&Q2, Web of Science – Sum of Times cited is 2400, h-index is 26, Research ID: D-8324-2013), 1 book and 4 book chapter and 8 tutorials for students and PhD students, and co-inventor of 23 patents (22 in RF, 1 in China D. Gorin, J. Frueh, L. Dai, Q. He; Device for layer-by-layer deposition on templates in solution, Patent in China, ZL 2013 1 0737808.3).

Dmitry Gorin was the promoter of 11 completed Ph.D. theses (Candidate of Science) and 2 Habilitation theses (Doctor of Science). Doctor of Science – Maria Antipina (2016 in Biophysics); Alexey Yashchenok (2017 in Biophysics). Candidates of Science: 1) Sergey Portnov (2009 in Biophysics); 2) Tatiana Kolesnikova (2010 in Biophysics); 3) Maria Lomova (2012 in Biophysics and Physical Chemistry, promotion together Dr. Maria Antipina ((IMRE, Singapore)); 4) Daniil Bratashov (2012 in Optics and Electronics); 5) Yulia Svenskaya (2013 in Biophysics); 6) Alexey Markin (2013 in Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry) promotion together Prof. Tatiana Rusanova; 7) Dmitry Zayrskii (2013 Electronics and Materials Science) promotion together Prof. Vill Baiburin; 8) Sergey German (2016 in Biophysics); 9) Inna Stetsyura (2016 in Biophysics), 10) Alexandra Severuchina (2017 in Biophysics); 11) Arsenii Petrov (2018 in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials). Gorin was a supervisor of 25 Master theses, 17 Bachelor and 35 Diploma theses. He is the supervisor of 7 Ph.D. Students now.